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NHCDP Elects 2017-2019 Officers and State Executive Committee Members

With over 200 good Democrats in attendance, NHCDP elected County Officers and State Executive Committee members during Saturday's convention in Wilmington. Enthusiasm and commitment are running high. Congratulations! and Thank You!  to all those who stepped up to these tasks. Special thanks to Rep. Deb Butler and NC State Party Chair Wayne Goodwin, as well as all those who pitched in to help.


Richard Poole, Chair

Delores Rhodes, 1st Vice Chair

Susanne Werner, 2nd Vice Chair

Clayton Hamerski, 3rd Vice Chair

Megan Mullins, 4th Vice Chair

Brenda Fong, Treasurer

Nick Fernez, Secretary


State Executive Committee:  NCDP rules require that we elect seven men and seven women to represent us on the SEC.  Because of the high level of interest, there were more highly qualified nominees than we could elect as members.  Thank you to all the who offered to serve.  These Democrats were elected to represent New Hanover County:


Kyle Horton

Carter Jewell

Deborah Dix Maxwell

Sonya Bennetone

Sonja Greene

Roberta Penn

Elli Klein



Richard Poole (ex officio)

Derrick Miller

Randy Gilliland

EB Davis, Sr.

deAndre Corniffe

Clayton Hamerski

George Vlasits


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