Where Do I Vote?

Polling Places, One-Stop Hours and Locations

 Information on the upcoming Statewide Primary Election can be found here: https://elections.nhcgov.com/voting-registration/2020-statewide-primary-election/

One-Stop Hours and locations for the upcoming 2020 Elections will be posted once they have been approved by the New Hanover County Board of Elections and the North Carolina State Board of Elections. 

 You can find your current polling place by visiting this page and entering your address. https://elections.nhcgov.com/voting-registration/polling-places/

 Polling places do change over time as Precinct maps change, and also due to external events such as we experienced with Hurricane Florence.  We recommend that you check both your Registration Status and Polling information in the months and weeks leading up to Election Day. Check your Registration Status here: https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/

If you have any questions, please contact the New Hanover County Board of Elections at 910-798-7330 or visit their website here: https://elections.nhcgov.com/


Absentee Voting, Voter ID, and Voting Rights

 Instructions on absentee voting can be found here:  Requesting an Absentee Voting Ballot    Absentee Voting Ballot request form

 Understanding Voter ID and your Voting Rights will be important in 2020.  Democracy NC is an independent source for information on Voter ID and Voter Rights in North Carolina.  Visit their website for the most current information https://democracync.org/take-action/protect-voters/

  Visit The New Hanover County Board of Elections for a wealth of information on Voting in New Hanover County

PO Box 3036 Wilmington, NC 28406