Organizing a Precinct

If you are interested in organizing your precinct, thank you for being willing to help!  If you are unsure what your precinct is, that information can be found by looking up your voter information.  Also, please double check and make sure your precinct is unorganized.  (The New Hanover County Board of Elections also has much of this information easily available.)

Step 1:

Contact us and let us know that you are interested in organizing your precinct.  If there are two people interested simultaneously, perhaps you can work together.

Step 2:

Organize a meeting.  It can be a very informal meeting in someone's home, but you will need at least 5 people there.  During the course of the meeting, you will need to elect a precinct Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer is often one position, but if there is someone interested in filling the other office, it can be two.  For additional details, check the Plan of Organization.

Step 3:

Contact us and let us know the results of the meeting.  After that, we'll be in touch shortly to help you start working within your precinct.


We also have a handbook that has been developed for precinct leaders. 



Let’s Organize NHC Precincts!

New Hanover County currently has 2 unorganized precincts.


H06     Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

M06     Myrtle Grove Baptist Church


If you can help in this effort or if you can suggest registered Democrats whom we should contact in these precincts, please email:

Susanne Werner, 2nd Vice-chair, NHCDP


PO Box 3036 Wilmington, NC 28406